'«Context Pro» is an upcoming project initiated by Diana Vishneva Foundation. We'll create a space where anyone, regardless of age or skill level, could immerse themselves into dance and enjoy the freedom of movement.
I am glad that the Studio will be located in the heart of Saint Petersburg, on the New Holland island, known to every citizen of Saint Petersburg and now given a new lease of life.
Open to everyone, be it an adult or a child, a professional or an amateur, we wish to offer them all an experience of the beauty of motion.
One of the Studio’s core focus areas is facilitating the work of emerging choreographers. The festival CONTEXT Diana Vishneva has brought into focus the need for a rehearsal facility where young choreographers, regardless of their level of experience, would be able to realise their ideas. A testing ground, on which – unlike on a theatre stage – they could freely create, unrestrained by the fear of making mistakes.
Intended as a creative laboratory, we hope that our Studio will provide an opportunity for everyone to achieve harmony through movement'.